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2010-02-09 21:40
I've decided to start writing again. What exactly, I am not entirely sure of. But, after 6 months back in the US, I realize the hardest part is this. I knew it. I've told enough students in… Read More
2009-08-06 17:12
I've successfully ignored this blog to the point of distraction and so that it's become so big a task that I can't wrap my brain around it. Is it because I've been so busy having a fabulous… Read More
2009-05-30 21:49
I am a late bloomer. Always have been, always will be. And so, it is exciting to me that I am finally turning 30. To think, all the things I have yet to do, and how much better they will be… Read More
2009-04-18 12:12
A year ago, I got on a plane to Guatemala. The first step is always the hardest and I remember being full of nerves as I flew into Guatemala City and looked down at all the lights and all th… Read More
18 Hours In Hong Kong
2009-03-26 13:44
1. Got drunk with Miguel before noon2. Ate dim sum3. Had a massage4. Dominated at dartsWho says layovers can't be fun?Subscribe to my blog Read More
2009-03-25 11:53
The world of Nepal is punctuated, underlined, by its sounds. Hacking. Spitting. "Miss, Miss!" Buffaloes groaning. The whir of generators. Farting. Burping. The silent moment of someone picki… Read More
2009-03-14 10:40
I am humbled writing this entry. I do not know where to begin or how to possibly explain how much has happened in only two short weeks in Nepal. In many ways, I feel that here and now, I am… Read More
2009-03-06 08:16
I didn't really know what to expect in Hong Kong. This is my first visit to Asia and I wasn't sure if I would be overwhelmed by the cultural differences and lost with the language barrier.Ho… Read More
Life's A Batch
2009-02-23 10:47
I started the second half of my adventure in business class on a flight from LA to Melbourne. I'm the new backpacker: unemployed, broke, but with platinum status and friends in great places… Read More
2009-01-27 22:00
Well, there is nothing like a presidential inauguration to baptize you with patriotism and make you want to drink beer, eat hamburgers and fly American flags emblazoned with "Obama is my ho… Read More

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