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2016-08-23 23:56
Last evening I ordered two dresses to wear when I lose all of my body hair.  Today I ordered two wigs. This evening when I took a shower I used scented feminine soap, patted myself… Read More
2016-08-23 23:50
It took me until last evening to lose the pubic hair, I also wanted to use a feminine douche as a enema and insert a tampon.  I couldn't insert the tampon because in my haste back in Ma… Read More
2016-08-21 21:08
I have been thinking the hair from my waist on down will be going down the drain.  I have been having a strong urge to use feminine hygiene products and to start wearing panties full ti… Read More
2016-08-18 14:30
There has been times since my divorce some twenty plus years ago that I wouldn't have mind being seen dressed as a woman by my ex-wife.Even today if possible I would like to be seen by her… Read More
2016-07-12 00:32
I am going to buy the hair remover lotion, feminine douche, tampons and sanitary napkins the next time I am in the grocery store.I need to start becoming a woman in my mind and this will hel… Read More
2016-07-11 19:43
I have come to the conclusion that I need to purchase some hair remover, feminine hygiene products and to start using them.I really need to lose some body hair from my waist on down and I th… Read More
2016-07-09 13:31
I had surgery on my shoulder on June 10 to repair three torn muscles.  Hopefully by the end of July I can start to back to being a woman.I have body in places that hasn't had body hair… Read More
2016-05-20 18:19
I now have about eight bra's of two different styles and ten pairs of panties seven of which are hipsters and three are high cut briefs.Late next week I will place a couple of orders one for… Read More
2016-05-20 18:00
I need surgery to repair the muscles in my shoulder, that is happening on May 25.  After I have that surgery after about a week or so I am thinking I will go ahead and order some breast… Read More
2016-05-12 13:50
The urge was here again today and this time the daughter and grand children didn't show up this morning for the woman across the road.Applied my makeup, sprayed perfume on and got dressed as… Read More

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Can't stop wanting to being a woman.


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