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Christie Jordee on Relationships, lifestyle balance, Home, family, work, fashion, beauty, Health and fitness
10 Ways On How To Feel Good
2016-10-17 07:01
I know when I feel good about myself it comes across to others. People see you how you see yourself. You feel bloated others see you that way too. If the weight doesn’t bother you then… Read More
Roaming Parties.
2016-10-04 07:46
Have you heard of roaming parties? In a previous post (Why is it getting harder to meet a partner) a few weeks ago I wrote about how I was going to attend a roaming party. First – What… Read More
LOVE Is A Verb!
2016-09-27 06:29
What is Love? Is it a feeling? Is it an adjective? We tend to think of love that way, but it is actually a VERB! Yes, love is a doing word. Stop doing things together and love will die. Simp… Read More
Do Men Like Strong Women?
2016-09-15 03:55
It is portrayed out there that men don’t like strong women. I remember from a young girl getting a feeling from society that boys should be in charge, yet I would go home and see how i… Read More
Work / Life Balance
2016-08-29 07:13
I was a TV producer for 10 years and travelled around the world with it. When I returned to the industry back home I became frustrated and stressed. Then I realised why, I was working l… Read More
Why Is It Getting Harder To Meet A Partner?
2016-07-31 09:02
I remember the days when everywhere you went you pretty much had interaction, which helped with meeting someone you found attractive. Unfortunately this is a distant memory for me, I don&rs&helli…Read More
Boudoir Shoot
2016-07-17 06:43
When a good friend (of 10 years) asked me to be in her Boudoir shoot, I must say I had mixed feelings. I felt nervous, flattered, unsure, worried all at the same time, yet never uncomfortab… Read More
5 Tips To Dress For A Keeper Not A Fling!
2016-07-11 07:06
I was so grateful when my sisters bought me one on one time with a stylist from Ruby slippers styling. First of all, what a great gift idea! Secondly, who doesn’t need a little fa… Read More
No Labels
2016-07-09 06:24
I’d like to start by disclaiming that I am by no means a health expert, I am just your everyday woman interested in a healthy life-style – with balance! If I think back to my ch… Read More

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