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2011-12-31 03:17
Tuesday ▪ December Thirtieth, 2011 ▪ 10:01 pm Mood: Sad I’m not a very open person, honestly. Even to those who are “closest” to me don’t know half o… Read More
2011-12-06 01:18
Tuesday ▪ December Fifth, 2011 ▪ 8:12 pm Mood: Confused It’s weird how one day with someone I like so much could change my entire outlook. (For the worse, mind you.) For th… Read More
2011-11-25 17:14
Tuesday ▪ November Twenty-Fifth, 2011 ▪ 5:58 pm Mood: Unsure Sometimes I just want to run away where nobody knows me. I want to disappear into the night and go somewhere tha… Read More
2011-11-21 23:02
Tuesday ▪ November Twenty-First, 2011 ▪ 5:58 pm Mood: Unsure I feel weird around gay and straight people sometimes. Like to so many of them, I’m not recognised as being att… Read More
2011-11-16 00:53
I’ve written this out many times before. I’ve never been able to keep it together when writing it, but tonight I will. I’ll force myself to, even. Love is a strange thing… Read More
2011-11-14 21:46
Monday ▪ November Fourteenth, 2011 ▪ 4:45 pm Mood: Angry I never understood the urge to try to convert someone to your own religion outside of a religious debate… Read More
2011-11-14 02:26
Sunday ▪ November Thirteenth, 2011 ▪ 9:26 pm Mood: Calm  Well, here I am. My first post on this blog.  It feels like when you move into a new house. You… Read More

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