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Cold, Wordless, Descriptionless Spam
2012-04-30 16:47
Or as wordless as a blabbering lout such as I can manage. No, I'm not dead. No, this blog isn't dead. Somehow I'm managing the pathetic bit of non-effort it takes to upload this stuff fro… Read More
2012-03-02 15:28
Did what? On who?Also, I don't know why the Blogger app is sharting all these stupid HTML characters all over the title of this post, just because I want to use an apostrophe :( Hate this… Read More
2012-03-02 15:13
Pink Wednesday? Meh. Nicki Minaj believes in Pink Fridays, apparently. I'm sure it has something to do with her music or one of her songs or something, but since I am so perennially uncool… Read More
2012-02-22 17:57
Real quick NOTD for you all. Have I been titling all my posts with "NOTD" lately..? I don't think I have. Blah. Deduct points for inconsistency.I picked up all the China Glaze Magnetix poli… Read More
China Glaze Some Like It Haute
2012-02-15 23:17
This was from the Marilyn Monroe-themed Eye Candy collection that came out in Winter 2011. Scrangie listed this on her Favorites of 2011 post, which might as well be an extra sticker on the… Read More
My Superbowl-Themed Nails
2012-02-07 01:13
I don't like the Giants and I don't like the Patriots. But both teams have the same colours - red, blue and white - so I couldn't miss either way :). I don't even really like football, tbh… Read More
Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia
2011-11-17 09:02
So, I know that last post is an eyesore. There really ain't much I can do about it until I get my laptop fixed. Which I can't do until I get money, which means dragging my miserable arse d… Read More

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