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On A Shopping High
2010-07-01 16:40
I'm sorry for the low quality picture! Luckily, the most important points of this picture are clear. 1. How happy shopping makes and 2. the fact that my favorite shorts match my favorite pur… Read More
You Wouldn't Believe It If I Told You
2010-06-14 02:55
Alright, so the title is a bit dramatic and mostly false. I don't have much to say to excuse my bad blogger behavior.Since my last post I landed an internship at an art gallery/vintage bouti… Read More
Lace For All
2010-05-03 23:15
When I think of lace I usually imagine something like thisviaBut I've never really been that kind of girl. The beauty of fashion, however, is the creativity of it and the freedom to put you… Read More
2010-04-22 01:56
I never do my nails. I never remember and I've never bought a nail polish I'm madly in love with with. But I think I am going to start making 'em pretty... another way to get creative!Now th… Read More
Little Fille
2010-04-17 21:41
I've been dreaming of headbands a lot lately. I feel they look funny on me but I still very much adore them.I found this strictly headbands brand. Little Fille. Even the name is so appropria… Read More
Back To Black
2010-04-14 21:10
I've worn out my love of florals for this month. I have this problem... binging on stuff I love and finally wanting nothing to do with it. This is what I did with Florals. Ill like them agai… Read More
Pick Me Up At A Thrift Store - Part Two
2010-04-10 17:43
Here it is. The shorts that came with the top from the last post. This was the second time I wore these in a week. I just feel so fantastic in them and so tall! I can't explain why but I jus… Read More
Pick Me Up At The Thrift Store
2010-04-09 16:59
This blouse was part of a two piece set. Both pieces are absolutely amazing. The bottoms are these fabulous high waisted flowy shorts. It almost looks like a skirt and of course, its the sam… Read More
Somwhere Else
2010-04-06 17:01
Hello blogger world! Excuse my four day hiatus from you. Its not that I've been busy. (The last 6 months of my life have been the farthest thing from busy) My head has just been somewhere el… Read More
I'm Bad At April Fools
2010-04-02 16:49
I'm bad at practical jokes and bad at posting on April Fools too. Yesterday was my friend Mike's birthday and my brother was in town. I had a great night... making waking up at 7am this morn… Read More

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