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2011-07-03 00:45
I guess I never really made it official but Blogaldo has moved. Please come see what's up with us at... BLOGALDO.COMLove you Read More
2010-12-18 23:08
I'm horny for life right now. I need to travel. be around people. I want to come cum art. there is a shivering inside and a vibrance and a heat and that shits all bouncing around a… Read More
Eddie Detroit And Other Great Finds
2010-12-12 00:27
My iPhone has been warning me lately that I have too many picture stored and I should delete some. So yesterday I finally emptied out every picture onto my computer and rid my iPhone once an… Read More
Shaka What
2010-12-11 23:27
So I met this guy a few weeks ago at work. I was behind the bar and he was on the other side having a screwdriver. He was a nice guy to talk to. Hawaiian. 50 years old I think. He showe… Read More
Leather Dugie
2010-12-10 03:45
So one of my favorite blogs Red Means Go, is having a giveaway. What's at stake? Literature. I'm vying for a chance at winning my very own used copy of Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Would… Read More
Cancer Smash
2010-12-04 02:05
My buddy's mom has cancer. And wouldn't you know it, they can't afford her hospital bills. So my friend, whose name is James by the way, is in a band called F.O.S. and they've decided to thr… Read More
Go Show: Your Love
2010-12-04 00:11
So I have two events to tell you guys about today. So lets get started. The first is called Cancer Smash and it's actually happening in the far away land of Hemet, California, very close to… Read More
First Friday @ CityScape
2010-12-04 00:10
Feel that buzz. The bite in the air. That jolt of life that can only be found on a December night in a downtown pulsating with wanting. We all want it don't we. To feel alive in our own city… Read More
Where's Blogaldo?
2010-12-04 00:05
Ok so maybe I have been writing. Just not for Blogaldo. Which is a terrible habit of mine. I feel bad when I don't. Like I'm not being true to something. Myself? The proverbial "you guys?" W… Read More

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