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“Amor Fati –“Love Your Fate”, which is in fact your life.-Friedrich Nietzsche "We live to learn and to discover why we love what we love and who we love" - Buen Buen Mui
2009-11-29 18:39
I am not sure if everyone knows, but I am a huge Warren Buffett fan. Yes, I idolize him. Most people love him because his ability to generate large amount of cash in short period of time, th… Read More
2009-11-23 22:00
I love this piece by Hoho:"I'm greedy. i want more out of my life. i'm content with most part of my life, but i feel a need to break the cycle. breaking the cycle doesn't mea… Read More
2009-11-16 23:15
Men say, doesn't matter what you wear, it'll come off anyways.... but what makes the want to make it all "come off" is the beauty of "intimacy" Sometimes i am not even talking about the word… Read More
2009-11-11 17:47
I was walking across common (Park in Boston) a week ago and Coca-Cola was promoting their new bottle for D-Coke. A huge promotion campaign that creates a hurl of curiosity. In this economy I… Read More
2009-11-10 19:22
From Lil' Wayne to Anya Marina " You can have wuteva you like" version.Speaking of Gossip Girls, so there's this one quality that makes Chuck Bass very attractive, but not very Bass-like. hm… Read More
2009-11-09 18:05
I have become more active in the cyber world. I am on FB, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and now TEDtalk! I have officially become an obsessed fan of TEDtalk. I am currently going through all of… Read More
2009-10-26 03:49
Without you guys, i would be nothing. Without you, I would not be this strong Read More

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