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Melodies Of Meaning
2016-10-12 02:43
the turning coloursin your eyestwisting and curling roundeyelashes too burdensome to raisein a moment of hesitationas the earth shudders to a stopwaves break throughthe solid airtoes grasp a… Read More
2016-10-11 04:38
Today I am grateful for:- soup at a window seat with the loveliest friend- chilly winds- wooly hats- gbbo- not being in the same room as this horrid debate- no leering man in the same room w… Read More
2016-10-11 04:25
Today I am grateful for:- crude humor told by a kind heart that sends me giggling- laughing with all restraints dropped, everything open and free- that feeling when you can stand on the pave… Read More
2016-10-09 05:02
Today I am grateful for:- being in bed right now- only breaking down mildly (ha)- staying awake- my feet for walking me all over this crazy city- going to sleep right now zzzz Read More
2016-10-08 04:25
Today I am grateful for:- plans with friends to look forward to- autumn air- remembering to be grateful- constant strides- stubborn agreement- being okay with not always being okay Read More
2016-10-07 01:56
Today I am grateful for:- having a job- never having to worry about being able to afford food- being secure enough in the basics that I can help those I care about- persimmons- that man I wa… Read More
Unique Intensity
2016-10-05 01:43
in a sunrisethe world flipsbellyflopstwirls in a myriad of directionsin one instantand existence falls awayreality breaksaround your upturned facesuspended silenceilluminated by the sparkof… Read More
2016-10-04 02:02
Today I am grateful for:- rap music- delirium induced giggle fits at work- brining a smile to your face- my hair now long enough to pull into one plait Read More
2016-10-03 03:59
Today I am grateful for:- seeing an amazing friend after more than a year- embroidered flowers- hugs that feel as though no time at all has passed since the last- fresh wind chilling my chee… Read More
2016-10-02 04:15
Today I am grateful for:- grey rainy days- autumnal evenings that are filled with the promise of gothic nights- being able to go to work every day on the water- dreams of intimacy- my hair g… Read More

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