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This is a blog for early childhood teachers looking for ways to expand and enrich play and learning in and around their sand and water tables with easy-to-make, low-cost apparatus. It may also be of interest for anyone who appreciates children's messy play.
Water Fountain
2016-10-22 16:23
Over 20 years ago, I built a water fountain for my sensory table.  I built it right after I redid the plumbing in my house.  When I turned the water on, water came squirting out of… Read More
More Pool Noodles
2016-10-15 17:56
I started to write about using  pool noodles two weeks ago.  I had bought some noodles over a year ago but could not figure out a use for them.  I had installed a base for ano… Read More
2016-10-09 12:05
I did not think I would get around to doing a post this week because I did an all-day workshop yesterday in Belton, Missouri.  Belton is seven hours from my house in Minnesota.  I… Read More
Pool Noodles
2016-10-01 19:12
People often ask me how often do I change the apparatus in the sensory table.  My answer is that I change it every week.  Sometimes it is a wholesale change and sometimes I only ch… Read More
PVC Pipes And Flex Tubing
2016-09-24 23:19
Two weeks ago I wrote about an apparatus I called the rocking chair waterfall.  I called it a rocking chair waterfall because it was made from bentwood parts of a rocking chair.The bent… Read More
Where Do My Ideas Come From?
2016-09-17 16:40
This is not a post about how I come up with ideas for building apparatus.  Rather, this is a post about the process of writing this blog and what I choose to write about.  It follo… Read More
How Do Children Express Their Ideas?
2016-09-10 23:59
Here is a question I want to explore: How do children express their ideas?  The question comes from the belief that in the field of early childhood education and care, most practitioner… Read More
Rocking Chair Waterfall
2016-09-03 19:33
Last week I wrote about an apparatus I made from the arm pieces of a bentwood rocking chair.The apparatus was suppose to be a water ramp, but it ended up to be rocking chair car ramp. Becaus… Read More
Rocking Chair Car Ramp
2016-08-27 20:31
For a couple of years, pieces of a bentwood rocking chair had been sitting in my basement waiting to be repaired.  Here is a picture of a bentwood rocker.I finally decided nobody was go… Read More
Worm Slide And Social Connections
2016-08-20 16:46
Every year since I bought a "bucket of worms" on sale at a sporting goods store, I have set up a worm slide.  Each year it looked a little different, but the idea was always the same: t… Read More

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