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Dangrrrous Habits
2016-09-28 02:14
I have listened to this song on repeat nigh constantly for at least a week with only a few breaks for other music.  Spotify doesn't count plays as far as I can tell, but I've listened t… Read More
Holy Trigger Warnings, Batgirl!
2015-03-26 06:57
I wish they hadn't pulled the Batgirl cover.Before we begin, let me issue: A trigger warning. No, seriously; a very real one. In discussing this, I'm going to go Full Frontal and tell you so… Read More
The Cost Of Burlesque
2014-11-27 09:05
Good morning, world!In the past several days on my facebook, which unsurprisingly has a very specific mix of naked people and nerdy people, I've been seeing many cosplayers post "cost breakd… Read More
2014-05-19 23:55
Everyone knows that I'm a pervy lady now, but as a kid I was a total prude. It was no fault of my mother, who was pro (safe) sexual experimentation and tried in vain to teach me that sex was… Read More
Inspirations 2013
2014-01-02 20:49
So! I wrote about my year in review, but I'd also like to shout out some of my top inspirations from this past year. I'm not doing a "top 10" format or anything like that because, well, I ju… Read More
2013- It Totally Happened
2013-12-30 06:14
Because I think self reflection is healthy and necessary, but even more so because I don't want to do anything productive right now, I'm going to partake in the trend of posting about my yea… Read More
2013-08-06 21:12
Over the course of the past year or two, I've been pretty critical of myself and my art and have been doing everything I can to improve (painful rewatchings of filmed rehearsals, gluing what… Read More
2013-02-19 01:46
I love burlesque. I love it for a lot of reasons- the variety of personalities, the range of ideas, the vast amount of creativity, the costumes… the boobs. (Sometimes: the cock.)Since… Read More

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