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Furry Ninja: Is My Pet Trying To Kill Me?
2016-10-19 04:00
This seemingly innocent fuzzy-faced pup tried to kill me a couple of weeks ago.So cute. So innocent looking. But a silent killer lurks within....If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, yo… Read More
Feeling Hot Hot Hot
2016-09-28 04:00
I love the fall. It's my favorite season! ...except in San Diego when we have the worst heat of the year. Like now. Bleh.Actually, by the time it's really Wordless Wednesday, we're supposed… Read More
Wordless Wednesday: Happy Feet
2016-09-14 04:00
I wanted to use this photo for today's post, but didn't know what to say about it, so I Googled "feet quotes." Because, hey, there are quotes about everything, right?, so why not feet.I real… Read More
Life's A Beach - Part Deux
2016-08-31 04:53
I used to have a long-sleeved, pink "Life's a Beach" T-shirt when I was in college. I LOVED that shirt and wore it constantly. Then someone stole it out of the dryer in the dorm laundry room… Read More
Yeah... Pretty Much...
2016-08-24 04:00
I'm a pretty easy-to-please person. It doesn't take much to make me a happy camper. One of the things I really love is just hanging out with my pooch and loving on her.Another thing I love/c… Read More
A Super Scary Thing At Our House
2016-08-17 04:00
Every once in a while, Rita freaks out over a new thing in the house, which she decides is super scary.A while back, it was this tiki man.I guess he is a little scary.I picked him up for 50… Read More

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