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Haleigh Walsworth is a creative american gal based in Paris and working throughout the world. Storytelling, photography and film made to feel like precious memories.
Three Beaches & A Funeral
2016-09-14 18:04
I arrived to Sicily very late at night under the cloak of darkness and a cloud of confusion after delayed flights, lost baggage claims, extreme hunger, and other miscellaneous physi… Read More
In Their Shoes
2016-09-02 18:27
In my next life, I’m going to be Italian. I’ve decided, la dolce vita is the life for me. I like to talk about my lives because the truth is every time I travel my entir… Read More
Roman Holiday
2016-08-18 10:54
It was 12:03AM the morning of when I actually bought my ticket to Rome. Just an hour before I had been hyperlinking hotels on Expedia via text to Ladan while she was still conn… Read More
Life Is A Beach
2016-07-21 00:40
My very first memory of life itself takes place beside this beach. It’s so delicate, so simple, that sometimes it frightens me to think too much about it, as if doing so could… Read More
September Set Sail
2015-10-09 08:49
Some things about living on a boat aren’t easy. Resources are limited, like fresh water for one. With a mane like mine things can get a bit out of hand after a week without a proper w… Read More
Istanbul Is Constantinople
2015-08-03 18:25
There are some sounds you can’t avoid in Istanbul. Taxis honking for one. Traffic is a problem here. After all Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world. How seventee… Read More
Feu D’Artifice
2015-07-20 23:25
Bonjour…it’s been a while. Too be honest I haven’t felt too inclined to write here. Simply stated….it’s so hot in Paris I think my brain has been fri… Read More
Falling For Marseilles
2015-05-13 00:12
You see the church atop the hill in the distance above? That is Notre Dame de la Garde, and as I am told by the locals in Marseilles, she watches over the city to keep everyone safe. Throug… Read More
Falling For Nice
2015-04-25 16:01
I always do this thing when I travel. I ask myself “could I live here?” If so I try to imagine what it would be like day to day in this alternative reality. Inevitably I start t… Read More
A Long December
2014-12-24 23:01
Well here we are, Christmas at last. It’s been a long December to get to this day (Christmas Eve as I write). There was a lot of work and a little bit of traveling. Somehow be… Read More

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