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2012-11-13 02:56
I have officially broken my own record of absenteeism. What a hiatus!I lost my desire to write frequent blog entries. Life took over. In no particular order; I went on vacation, moved to ano… Read More
Gone Til November
2011-11-23 16:01
Hello.....Hello (crickets chirping)...anybody there? Despite being AWOL from the blog scene, trust that I've been keeping abreast of the happenings in blogosphere, however lurking in the sha… Read More
2011-09-25 03:18
What do you do when you can't do anything else? How do you remain hopeful when you're down in the Valley? I once heard a saying that the best way to be happy is to practice 'Love and Gratitu… Read More
Official Drop-out Of The 30-Day Challenge
2011-09-02 20:07
Hi Everyone,Without more ado, I must pull out of this challenge. Honestly, I got bored and even felt like I was cheating if I wanted to post about anything else on here. So that's it. I quit… Read More
Day 20: My Fears
2011-08-19 17:22
Eureka! I've reached the 20th entry in this 30 day challenge. Today's challenge question ask that I share my fears with you. Here they are in no particular order:1. Madness 2. Snakes3. Air … Read More
Day 19: Five Items I Lust After
2011-08-12 16:46
1. A sexy grown-ass living space. I'm renovating my apartment at the moment and have been getting all kinds of inspiration from condo decor showrooms...but na moni make am :(2. iPad 2 -- I d… Read More
Day 18: A Problem I've Had...
2011-08-10 22:03
Haha! Today's challenge question is quite daft. So of all the problems I have encountered in this life, I am supposed to pick ONE and share it with you? LOL.Anyway, I've had problems. I mean… Read More
Day 17: Something That I'm Proud Of
2011-08-09 17:32
I'm proud of the enduring quality of my parent's marriage. They've been together for almost 40 years and I think that's impressive! Together, they've weathered many storms, given me and my s… Read More

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