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Workouts This Week (5/8/2016-5/15/2016)
2016-05-17 01:07
So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted my workouts. My ankle is finally starting to feel better! I purchased a copper compression sleeve for my ankle, and it did ease the… Read More
The Sourdough Experiment Revisited
2016-05-12 01:18
This post contains affiliate links – thanks again for your support! If you read my initial post on sourdough, you’ll know that I was actively questioning whether or not to try gl… Read More
Workouts This Week (4/25/2016-5/02/2016)
2016-05-02 17:03
Hello there! I’m back to post my workouts this week. I had a pretty unplugged weekend, and it was really nice. The girls and I spent some time with family and I got a decent amount of… Read More
What I’m Reading Lately, Volume 1
2016-04-29 17:05
This post contains affiliate links – thank you for your support! One of the biggest reasons that I started a blog is because I’ve always loved reading them. There are s… Read More
When Your Twins Cry All Of The Time
2016-04-22 00:12
I so wish this wasn’t true. But, for every photo taken with their beautifully smiling faces, there are at least 10 moments of tears and tantrums that went uncaptured. I often hear… Read More
Things Strangers Say To Moms Of Twins
2016-04-04 17:03
How many times have you heard, “you’ve got your hands full” in public? Without fail, every time I leave the house,  strangers come out of the woodwork to make comment… Read More

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Workouts This Week (5/8/2016-5/15/2016) - DownHomeDuo


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