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Make A-longs Past And Present
2016-10-17 17:45
As most everyone who reads this blog knows, I am in the midst of a final K/CAL (knit/crochet a-long) celebrating my five year design anniversary. While I will get to a progress photo of my p… Read More
Long-Worn (and Used) Meets Handmade
2016-10-16 00:51
Nichols Cardigan in NFC's Studio WorstedFor those who love all things fiber, this is the weekend of the fall season - The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, otherwise known as Rhinebeck… Read More
A La Maison Introductions - Day 4
2016-10-04 16:57
Well, my crafty friends, I am shaking things up just a wee bit with a knit design today. Please say hello to The Perfect Little Pillow Cover.Why so perfect? Well I am glad you asked. La… Read More
The Third Design From A La Maison 2
2016-10-03 16:17
Hello everyone - here we are at day 3 of the A La Maison 2 design roll-out. May I present the Buds Bag.This green gem was originally published by back in June 2015. I reimag… Read More
The Second Home Collection Is Here
2016-10-02 18:11
It may be Slow Fashion October, but here at chez Voie de Vie it's also time for the second Home Collection. I am so pleased to be able to finally introduce this second collection. As th… Read More

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