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It's  A Doughnut Day!
2016-09-17 12:56
I gave WHS the Paula Deen Kid's Cookbook years ago.  In fact, it was probably given to JBS.  WHS is the first one to take interest.  He has marked just about every single page… Read More
Magnolia West
2016-09-17 10:00
I can assure you I am getting closer to getting caught up with my blog and not having to go back to 2015 for blog posts.  I just don't want to miss anything!  Here I found some of… Read More
1st Day Of School Besties
2016-09-16 18:20
We arrived to school at the same time as LC and we LOVE that his Momma always carries her camera!And the 3 L's together again.  No idea how this keeps happening, but it does! Read More
13 Years
2016-09-16 10:00
So, our 13th anniversary was January 11th and here we are.  I just didn't post back then :)  We had a wonderful night out for dinner just resting in our future.  It was my fir… Read More
Thanksgiving 2015
2016-09-15 21:15
By Thanksgiving, I was determined to cook a real meal for our family.  I was tired, but I was determined.  We had family that was coming and then they were unable to, so we had a b… Read More
Flag Football
2016-09-15 17:00
No words.  Only Faces....Cute little athletic body.And this is WHS...Still a cutie Read More
Thanksgiving Feast
2016-09-15 10:00
WHS adored his 1st grade teacher.  ADORED.  I wasn't able to help much with school that semester, so I offered to make everyone a personalized placemat for their Thanksgiving Feast… Read More
NASA Overnight
2016-09-14 20:35
I found this post in my Drafts folder so it is a bit old :/ Better late than never!The great part about living in Houston is that the scouts get to spend the night under the stars at NASA! … Read More
2 Cub Scouts
2016-09-14 19:52
I am missing one of my cute scouts, but this year, we have ALL arrived.  WHS is now a Cub Scout.  He has been a "me too" for so many years, he finally gets to don the uniform himse… Read More
2016-09-14 19:48
This little guy has waited to be be old enough to go with Daddy to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) on Tuesday nights.  JBS and JLS have both gone, JLS loving it m… Read More

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