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2016-09-13 00:41
Do you want a program that you can do at your library that is: intergenerational? collaborative? creative? involves multiple departments, including tech services? celebrates picture books an… Read More
2016-09-08 21:01
When I book talk, I sometimes like to structure them as a sort of narrative unto themselves. I thought I’d attempt to write out an example for you. When I book talk Smile, I like to th… Read More
2016-08-17 23:41
I have a confession to make: I don’t care about STEM. Or STEAM. Or even STREAM. I just don’t care. .fin.  Ha, no, just kidding. Here’s what I love: The Boombox at Skok… Read More
2016-07-16 15:25
In case you need something to tide you over while you wait for your copy of Reading Unbound to arrive, here are some more quotes about why we need to let kids choose what they read. We w… Read More
Why Kids Need To Read What They Want
2016-07-14 20:56
Is this how we want kids to act when it comes to reading? / flicker, C. BitnerIn the most recent edition of Cover to Cover by K.T. Horning, there are no early childhood, middle grade, or ya… Read More
2016-07-13 18:04
I don’t like the term middle grade, even though I love a lot of books that fall under that umbrella. Middle grade books are not for middle schoolers, but the confusing terminology… Read More

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