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It's Yoda!
2008-10-08 22:56
The look on his face says it all!OK, I got a few emails wanting the pattern for this hat. This isn't the same hat, but it's close. You must have a login to view, but here you go:… Read More
Just Say No!
2008-10-02 05:00
With the holiday's approaching: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...I would like to take this opportunity to address holiday sweaters. There is only one time it is appropriate to wear a bri… Read More
Pregnancy Brings Oddities
2008-10-02 04:57
Those darned pregnancy hormones make us gals do some strange things. Today's post is from a tipster who has asked to remain anonymous. She knitted herself a placenta while she was preggers… Read More
Let's Talk Digestion
2008-09-27 04:14
+= Or if you are an I Can Has Cheezburger fan and perfer to think the cat, in fact, did get the cheeseburger:Poop photos compliments of agmr and Pocket Farmer via flickr. You must check out… Read More
Caution: May Cause Retinal Bleeding
2008-09-26 14:16
Cue Thriller theme music...NOW: Now before you go and accuse me of pulling these out of an old knitting book from the 80's, I have to say: these were recently added to the net as patterns. R… Read More
Wearable Lapghan?
2008-09-24 14:08
Have you ever seen a really ugly afghan and thought to yourself: that would make an awesome skirt? Well, someone did Read More
I Think I Found Her Daughter!
2008-09-24 02:07
The daughter of the C U Next Tuesday bag creator that is. I have to say folks, up until today I have said everything with humor, but this time I think I am actually offended. I mean, I get t… Read More

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