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New Blog
2012-01-31 15:26
Hey y'all. The time has come. Now announcing my new blog. I am The Fashion Yogi. Please check it out + follow me if you like what you see! I'll be updating it regularly; my love of fashion a… Read More
New Beginnings
2011-12-12 16:05
This blog is now just over three years old - I started it on Nov. 30, 2008, when I bought my one-way ticket to New York. It has been there every step of the way, documenting many of the funn… Read More
With Love, Will Oldham
2011-11-16 15:19
The most important experiences we can have are those that take us to the very limit. That is the only way we learn, because it requires all our courage. - Paulo Coelho Read More
2011-11-15 20:35
We are all family."There’s a writer named Robert Johnson – he has no relation to the musician. His autobiography, I think it’s called Balancing Heaven and Earth. In it he… Read More
2011-11-14 02:29
Stalactites hang from the ceiling. Stalagmites grow from the floor. All are fragile crystals, born from the sweat of rocks in the depth of caves etched into the mountains by water and time… Read More
Two Nights, One City
2011-11-10 17:39
Sunday night I saw Jay-Z and Kanye at the Izod Center just over the state line in New Jersey. My dear friend Susan and I were in literally the last row of the arena. We got to our seats earl… Read More
Life Is Beautiful
2011-11-04 19:11
Last week a good friend of mine sent me this poem, which appeared in The New Yorker in June 2009. I loved it so much that I decided to send the author, Stephen Dunn, a Pulitzer prize winner… Read More
2011-10-25 16:46
Hush, restless heart.Quiet down, reckless heart.Still the flapping of your wild wings,and rest a moment in my hand,so I may tend your wounds with my grace and forgiveness.For I know you have… Read More

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