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The Asparagus Bracelet
2016-08-15 15:16
We eat a lot of asparagus around here. A lot. Like at least twice a week so I almost always have some in the fridge. One night several months ago, I was cooking some for supper and had… Read More
My Memaw's Ring
2016-08-03 07:36
This is a very sweet story that I had to write before I forgot one detail of it. And in order for this to make sense I have to tell 2 back stories to lead up to what happened today.Let's tak… Read More
Mom Life
2016-03-14 23:39
On Monday afternoons Charlotte, Sadie, and I usually go do the grocery shopping while Olivia is in gymnastics. Last week she finally nailed her standing backbend all by herself! I was so pro… Read More
Dear Mama
2016-02-24 06:23
Recently I went to a wedding shower and instead of signing a guest book at the door, the hostesses had each guest write a piece of marriage advice on a slip of paper. Not knowing the bride v… Read More
Sadie Elise Baker
2016-01-19 21:27
I've come to accept the fact that my days of consistent blogging are over. There's just no time for it, and that's ok because it means my time is filled up with something better. My kids. Al… Read More
2016-01-19 21:13
I wrote this almost a year ago. It was about a week after we found out we were pregnant with Sadie and for some reason I just never posted it. So here it is now...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~… Read More
Charlotte's 1st Steps!
2015-02-13 19:11
I actually wrote this a month ago and apparently just forgot to post it! Oops!....Yesterday morning, we were in Charlotte's room taking pictures for her birthday invitations. I set up a litt… Read More
Be My Baby
2015-01-13 03:13
Somehow I'm constantly amazed at the things Charlotte does... like I haven't raised a little girl before? With Olivia, I remember I was always getting her to try new stuff and pushing her to… Read More
Mommy Daughter Day
2015-01-11 03:16
On Friday morning, we dropped Charlotte off with Pappy and Annie (and Livy bawled her eyes out because "she was gonna miss Charlotte so much!") then Livy and I headed off to Texarkana. … Read More
Little Sister
2015-01-07 05:49
 If I had to pick one word to describe Miss Charlotte these days it would be... BUSY. Oh man, is she busy. It's tough to get her to stay still long enough to get her picture… Read More

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