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And Z From Zentropa
2016-06-05 22:06
Many are associating the danish film studio Zentropa exclusively with thevery sonor name of Lars von Trier.And who can blame them?I´m a fan of his work too:))and btw,only in danish for… Read More
Toy For IF
2015-06-10 13:46
The first part of a little project I madefor the special school I´m working in. (more to come) Den første del af et lille projekt jeg lavede forLysholm skole-Roskilde(der komme… Read More
Bugs And Bugs And More Bugs
2015-06-10 13:44
         I know is a very long time since my last post ,sorry for that . Here is another project I made last spring, for Lysh… Read More
For IF
2013-08-01 11:29
The jungle of creative advertising, is indeed a jungle :)))So, polish your CV ( here in danish ) Read More
Save & Shop Care & Give Editia XVIII
2013-03-13 18:46
    Editiile SSCG continua in forta!  Sambata, 6 aprilie 2013, are deja loc editia cu nr. XVIII!    Sute de lucrusoare frumoase si ieftine isi asteapta in rafturi no… Read More
A Hedgehog For A Kingdom!
2012-09-06 12:44
''A kingdom, a kingdom, (my) hegdehog for a kingdom!''to make the story (very) short I will just add that The Kingdom exists between the covers of ''Theodosius the Small'',a novelby R.Radule… Read More

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