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Bob Tilton
2016-09-23 11:39
Demo (1993)...Wake Me When It's Springtime Again 7" (1994)Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch ‎7" (1995)Peel Sessions (1995)Crescent (1996)The Leading Hotels Of The World (1999)Reiziger S… Read More
Beneath Low Flying Planes
2016-09-23 10:35
DemoSelftitled EP (2004)Arse Moreira Split (2006)Beneath Low Flying Planes (? - 2006) were a chaotic screamo band from Melbourne, Florida. Members carried on separate projects such… Read More
Angry Son
2016-09-22 23:39
Demo (1990)Yesterday (1991)Fuel Split 7'' (1991)Skinny Criminal's Demo (1991)Live at Trees (1990)Angry Son, from Oklahoma, are a pretty unknown awesome West Coast emocore… Read More
2015-11-13 13:46
I added a new element to my sidebar called "Bands who deserve your attention". I get so many active bands asking me if I want to review their stuff and I don't really do that since I mainly… Read More
Gone With The Pain
2015-10-22 19:52
Self-titled (2006)Optimus Prime Split 7'' (2008)Reaction-Reaction! / Under The Waves ‎(3 Way Split Ep) (2008)La Ideología Del Vacío (2008)An amazing '00 screamo band from S… Read More
Three Letter Engagement
2015-10-21 23:00
Healing of Harms (demo) (1997)A Sometimes Promise Split 7'' (1997)Compilation song Mid 90s emo band from Goleta CA. Similar to bands like Christie Front Drive. I could not find much abo… Read More
Pygmy Lush
2015-10-19 00:01
Bitter River (2007)Mount Hope (2008)Untitled (2008)Split w/ Turbo Slut (2009)Old Friends (2011)Cold World/Guilt (2011)I wanted to post this band ever since I heard of them but since I'm a la… Read More
The Spirit Of Versailles
2015-10-18 21:36
In Line For Halos (1999)The Confluence of All the Senses (1999)Saqqara Split 7'' (1999)Rise from Ruin Split 7'' (1999)8 Song CDR (2000)Caligari Split 7'' (2001)… Read More
2015-10-18 20:08
Selftitled (1996)Red! Dead! (1996)Harriet The Spy Split 12'' (1996)That Static (2001)A Careless Act of Faith CD (2007)Compilation songsThumbnail is an amazingly awe… Read More
Sore Eyelids
2015-10-18 19:59
Self-Titled Cassette (2009)Self-Titled LP (2012)Trachimbrod Split (2013)For Now (2014)An emo band from Stockholm, Sweden; named after a song from The Pine. Formed in 2008 and features member… Read More

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