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2010-10-24 16:39
blogging at various places: here (woodpecker pictures!) i just thought that tumblr facilitates shorter blog posts much better. i always feel i have to write alot here at wordpress for it to… Read More
2010-10-15 18:53
I’m looking to complete my Policy Analysis and Management minor next semester and I’m fervently thanking God that I managed to surpass Cornell restrictions and transfer majors la… Read More
2010-10-03 19:12
我又回来囖!新奇吗?对不起啦,最近忙得快要崩溃ᦁ……Read More
2010-09-25 05:33
I really should not have found the whole version of 神雕侠侣 online! Can’t. Stop. Watching. This is horrible! Read More
Boryeong Mud Festival
2010-09-04 14:15
On a fine, rainy Saturday, we decided to head over to another city for the annual Boryeong Mud Festival. This was a festival that involved – you got it, mud. Initially, I was a bit app… Read More
2010-09-01 12:55
I’ve been on an extremely long hiatus and wouldn’t blame you if all of you have forgotten about me and the existence of my blog. The last few weeks of Seoul were extremely hectic… Read More
Seoul Olympic Park
2010-07-25 16:11
The rationale that I have given for not posting daily is the fact that I can channel the time I spend crafting blog posts into doing things that I can blog about. A really roundabout lo… Read More
Eating Live Octopus In Seoul
2010-07-19 13:35
Life had whisked me off on another round of busyness. I can’t wait till I can retire and rear little unicorns in my backyard. Anyway, as long as we are on the line of surrealism &ndash&hell…Read More

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