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2012-08-14 23:24
He is 2 today and it has been a full year since I last wrote a post. Where has the time gone? When not working a good amount of it has been spent at the park, reading, drawing, watching the… Read More
2011-08-15 10:42
He is 1 today, my little Boo. A full year has passed since his arrival and, despite the roller coaster ups and downs which parenthood brings with it, it really has been best year of my life… Read More
2011-05-01 21:01
What a truly lovely time I've had turning 40.A new fancy camera.Copies of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Hunting of the Snark (illustrated by Tove Jansson).Lunch at… Read More
RE At Liberty
2011-04-17 23:28
Yesterday I made a, now infrequent, visit to my favourite London store, Liberty, and was delighted to find that, for a limited time, RE have a lovely satellite shop on the 4th Floor. I trea… Read More
2011-04-17 23:03
I couldn't help feeling sad at the loss of Story Deli from the Truman Brewery... it opened when P and I lived close by, and in those days we were regular visitors. Happily, today I stumbled… Read More
Mother's Day
2011-04-03 20:36
I'm very happy at the end of my very first Mother's Day. I hadn't really thought too much about the day, but I did feel an unexpected sense of pride while we were out and about with Milo to… Read More
Madras Scarf
2011-03-12 19:51
Thank you Plümo, for sending me your new catalogue and offering 15% discount. I have made good use of it this afternoon and treated myself to this very nice looking Madras scarf. Luck… Read More
6 Months
2011-02-14 07:00
Today our little man is 6 months old. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that he has been in our lives all this time...It has been an unbelievable pleasure to see Milo grow and blossom from a… Read More
Orla Kiely Charity Shopping Tote
2011-01-05 01:20
Tesco is not my supermarket of choice, so it was possible that the recently issued a charity shopping tote designed for them by Orla Kiely would have passed me by if it weren't for one of my… Read More

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