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2014-12-23 00:43
Saturday started with a lazy sleep in. I rolled over to see a window full of blue sky and couldn’t help but just smile. I met a friend for brunch after a brisk walk down to the bridge… Read More
What's Up?
2014-11-25 00:24
Soooo here's my first time posting to the blog in I don't even know how long!Let's see what's new?I got my dream puppy. Since I was 10 years old I've wanted a pug named Pickles. Don't ask wh… Read More
2014-11-15 02:12
Wow, so it's been kind of a looooong time since I've written here! Forgive me if I ramble, but I intend on including every detail! (No matter how ridiculous!) First I'd just like to say tha… Read More
2014-11-15 02:11
Well Hello There!A lot has been going on with me since the last time I posted (I don't even remember when that was....)I am less then a year away from finishing an associates degree in Healt… Read More
2014-11-15 02:10
It's been ages since anybody has posted on this blog. Partly because blogging is such a tedious process (you have to think of something clever to write because you never know who else o… Read More
2014-11-15 02:10
Hey mrazwomen, i've been thinking about things to share in this blog and as I am so focused on my final paper at college i can't think about anything else. But the fact is th… Read More
2014-11-15 02:10
I haven't posted to this blog since 2010...that was 4, soon to be 5 years ago! And so much has changed, it's still unbelievable for me to grasp it all. I'm not going to re-type how… Read More
2014-11-15 02:07
Ok ladies, I just need to talk this out. You know when there comes a time in your life when there are signs and suggestions all over the place for doing or changing something in your life th… Read More
2012-10-01 22:25
As self-proclaimed delegate of the group I started, MrazWomen, I requested Jason Mraz to say hey on camera to the rest of my girls who couldn't make it to the show, and he gladly said yes… Read More

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