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2016-10-24 14:50
I have lived alongside of autism for over twelve years, maybe even longer if you count the time my son spent in the womb, the complicated strands of his DNA twisting and bending. It is he an… Read More
2016-10-17 14:28
You have changed the way I cook. See, cooking is not exactly my specialty, but I have five kids who love to eat and I need to be able to make dinner fast because otherwise they start to bug… Read More
2016-10-10 14:57
Three of my boys are in some version of middle school. And three of my boys are in some version of puberty. With a family of five kids and two adults, this means 42.8571429% of my household… Read More
2016-10-03 15:39
Hello. You don’t know me. My name is Carrie. I just wanted to say hi because I know about today. Today is the day that somehow divides a childhood, a marriage, and a family… Read More
2016-09-26 15:25
Research tells us anxiety is an emotion, often characterized by inner turmoil, dread, and the expectation of a future event. It is not the same as fear, because fear is the response to a rea… Read More
2016-09-19 12:43
My birthday is this week. I will be forty-two years old. Anyone who knows me knows I love my birthday. I was born on September 21st—the first day of autumn—a time in New England… Read More
2016-09-12 12:39
Do you ever wish you could see inside other people’s marriages? You know, like if they fight about changing the toilet paper roll or who spends more money at the grocery store or wheth… Read More
2016-09-05 15:22
I imagine that, as a teacher, you come across all kinds of learners. There are the eager beavers—the kids who just soak up everything around them and can’t wait to dive into thei… Read More
2016-08-29 17:19
Today, you walked down our driveway to catch the bus on the first day of school. Watching you climb the steps with your backpack slung casually over one shoulder, it occurred to me that you… Read More
2016-08-22 14:11
God made the grass and the sky and the mountains and the sea. He made soft, silky flowers, and buzzing bumblebees, and tall, tall trees outstretched in the forest. He made rainstorms so we w… Read More

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Carrie Cariello – Exploring the Colorful World of Autism


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