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Other Stories Silk Shirts: Why I Am A Fan
2016-10-19 07:42
I am sure I have mentioned this before but Other Stories is one of my favourite stores. I love their clothes, I love the store, even their makeup and toiletries. However, for the longest tim… Read More
Healthy Chicken Recipe
2016-10-14 06:08
I will begin my post with an apology to my vegetarian readers. Sorry but I do promise to put up a recipe we can all eat next time. The thing is since my thirtieth birthday I realised changes… Read More
Crafts Bazaar With Fabindia : #OOTD
2016-10-11 06:17
One of the perks of being a fashion blogger is being invited to fun events that I would probably not have the opportunity to attend otherwise. The Crafts Bazaar by Fabindia this Sunday was d… Read More
Bohemian Black Maxi Dress #OOTD
2016-10-06 08:05
Yes, I know. Using the term Bohemian for a particular look or outfit makes me cringe too. I mean boho or bohemian is not really about wearing long flowy tops and dresses. Its about a whole l… Read More
A Different Goan Holiday
2016-10-02 20:05
I love Goa. By now I have stopped counting the number of times I’ve been there but you know what, you never get tired of it. After shooting and working like crazy a Goan holiday i… Read More
The Perfect Daytime Dress  #OOTD
2016-09-29 05:24
It was a really nice sunny day and I had a brunch to go to. As usual I was ready with my uniform daytime attire of a white tee and and black pants or culottes. But for some reason I felt lik… Read More
Diwali Outfit Inspiration : Indian Fashion
2016-09-22 03:34
Diwali is just around the corner, and before that Durga Puja! We bengalis get very excited about our Durga Puja. Mostly because my whole life it was synonymous with a whole new set of clothe… Read More
Making Granola: For The Non-Baker
2016-09-19 07:31
Stating that I am not a baker is the understatement of the year. I have never baked anything in my life. Before I moved to London (about 3 years ago) I had never cooked anything in my life e… Read More
Shopping At The New H&M And An #OOTD
2016-09-15 05:25
Since I made a career out of shopping that is the last thing I like doing on an off day. If you are in Mumbai the latest here is the opening of the new H&M store in two malls w… Read More

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