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September Roundup!
2016-09-30 08:42
Well the end of September is upon us. Halloween is right around the corner and then Christmas will be here. This year has kind of flown by, which is funny considering that I've spent most of… Read More
Post Surgery Roundup!
2016-09-03 12:46
I. FEEL. AMAZING!!!!!!!It's so good to be feeling like a normal (relatively speaking of course) person! But I'll back up a little here to give you all the run down. My surgery was scheduled… Read More
Memories From My Childhood
2016-08-19 17:55
It's really late and try as I might, I just can't get my brain to switch off so I can sleep. I was thinking about something I am doing for The Eldest One's 19th birthday which is only 11 day… Read More
This Is The Story Of The Hurricane ...
2016-07-27 01:55
No, not the wrongly accused boxer from the 1960's, rather a very adorable 8 week old Chocolate Labrador named Hurricane! It's no secret that I'm kind of a dog person. And the Awesome On… Read More
Cabin Fever Is A Real Thing, Who Knew?!
2016-07-15 03:31
So, umm, I'm back?! Well, actually I didn't really go anywhere, but it's been ages since I posted anything so I had to open with something, right?!Anyway, so as the title suggests, I ha… Read More
2016-05-23 02:56
Well, winter has well and truly hit Perth, even though it's technically still Autumn. As I type this, I'm snuggled under the worlds' best blanket on the couch, looking at the grey, grey clou… Read More
Finally, An Answer!!
2016-05-05 13:33
Well, I guess a lot has happened over the course of the last month, not the least being that we now have some kind of answer for some, possibly most of the weird issues I've been (probably n… Read More
Toilet Training! Yay!
2016-04-08 05:10
Yay! Oh my goodness, I was beginning to think we'd never get to this day! But we have. Little Miss Penelope is finally starting toilet training! Thank freaking goodness. We are so ridic… Read More
When Life Throws You Curveballs
2016-03-28 07:05
The last few weeks have been kind of crazy and I've been trying to figure out a way to blog about it without coming off as all like "ohhh, pity me!!!" Because that's not at all the way I wan… Read More
Eden's School Ball
2016-03-06 06:27
When you have a baby, you hear from what seems like every single person on the planet who has ever spawned their own mini-me person, about how quickly time passes. Every well meaning old lad… Read More

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