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2011-06-10 04:32
Pave the way for impact by striking a balance between the small and the bigAttempting to solve large-scale social challenges can be an overwhelming task. They are the domain of messy, interd… Read More
2011-04-13 23:34
Switching from paper to digital systems makes financial services globally accessible (and relevant).Everywhere you go, people are using mobile phones. But in many parts of the world, many pe… Read More
2011-04-13 21:21
Bringing elements of play to routine tasks can make the activities more tolerable — even fun.If you think e-mail is too time consuming, how about online games? A 2010 Nielsen survey of… Read More
2011-04-13 02:11
How consumers in China are redefining customer service—and changing everyone’s expectations.The Chinese word for service is fuwu (服务), which everyone in China who&r&hell…Read More
2011-03-21 20:53
Viral video. Selective tweets. Consumer reviews. How a few corporate marketers are getting a leg up online.Social networks can breathe new life into old brands by enabling companies to build… Read More
2010-11-09 20:09
Strengthening bonds with the things we buyIn times of economic uncertainty consumers often revise their thoughts about value. While some people may consider downgrading to less expensive thi… Read More
2010-10-12 18:46
Gen Y as a springboard for change in the workplaceMillennials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers, First Digitals — these are just a few of the names that describe the next generation to enter the wo… Read More
2010-09-27 20:53
“Poor people can’t afford cheap things.”When companies design products and services for the poor, they often think about making them as low-cost as possible. But whether yo… Read More
2010-04-07 20:52
Creating consumer connections by engaging advocatesPeople used to largely rely on expert opinion to inform their decisions: industry norms, government standards, academic research. But chann… Read More
2010-01-03 05:36
Moving a company from ‘bolt-on’ to ‘built-in’ social responsibilityInterest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has grown over the past 40 years. It involves com… Read More

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