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BigFat 2015 : The Year That Was...
2016-01-03 05:51
2015 is coming to an end, as usual it's time to reminisce what has been going on for the past 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months. Isn't it ironic to do some sort of review? Oh, well...The year… Read More
BigFat 2015 : Living Out Of The Suitcase
2016-01-02 16:32
2015 has been the ultimate year when it comes to traveling. If I could do a proportionality on the frequency of me staying at the hotels to the amount of weeks in a year, I could've spent ha… Read More
Stampd + Gap Leather Backpack
2015-12-28 23:07
The bag that I brought during the trip to Langkawi is the Limited Edition leather backpack by Stampd LA in collaboration with Gap. The bag looks kinda similar to my current Eastpak blac… Read More
Going Keyless @ Aloft KL
2015-12-28 14:24
Upon arrival from Osaka, I had to stay overnite in the heart of KL - all because I've missed out to book the ETS train back to Ipoh on the same day. I've overlooked this matter coz it never… Read More
Staying In The Sky @ Star Gate Hotel Kansai
2015-12-26 00:23
My stay in Kumamoto is very short - less than two days - before I return to Osaka to board a flight home. The problem with my journey from KL to Kumamoto via transit in Osaka is that, the di… Read More
Baby, It's Cold Outside...
2015-12-25 04:58
Kumamoto - or Japan, in general - is currently having a winter season. Or pre-Winter ending the late autumn, to be exact, during the time of my arrival. Though it's not snowing, the temperat… Read More
Return To Ana Kumamoto
2015-12-24 04:44
Konnichiwa. I'm back in Japan!Two years ago marked my first time stepping into the Land of the Rising Sun. It was so amazing that I thought I must experience it for more if given another opp… Read More
Hello From The Other Side
2015-12-15 20:21
It's travel mode again. If 2 weeks ago I was in a hundreds miles away [CLICK], this time I am at thousands miles away from home. It's late autumn, hence the falling leaves. It's drizzli… Read More
The Shoes That Matters
2015-12-13 10:13
I don't really like reading about street styles - but the only thing I can tolerate is when they focus it towards the ankle down. The shoes. The footwear, be it a pair of boots, lace-up… Read More

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