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Recently: Tv, Bearable Back?
2016-10-09 09:14
TV shows drive me insane. Thinking about the amount of other stuff you could've done after finishing a bad episode is like, wow. Espcially if you had a test the next day (heh).I started this… Read More
How To Heal
2016-10-08 09:38
This post is a bit of an advice post. A lot of bloggers do these types of things incredibly well, but I suck, so I'll strike you a deal: I'll tell you my experiences in the hope that you wil… Read More
A Letter To Sexists
2016-10-08 09:38
Dear the sexists in my life,I recognise you. I forgive you. Most of all, I pity you.It's embarrassing to think that, when I tell you what you're doing or saying is sexist, you don't believe… Read More
2016-10-08 09:38
Veterans.It's such a heavy title isn't it? To let other people know that you're familiar with war.17% of America's homeless population is made up of veterans. Half suffer from mental illness… Read More
Let's Play A Game: Real Or Not Real?
2016-10-08 09:37
I want to tell you about two people. One is real, the other is entirely fictional. Maybe you'll figure it out before the end. The first person is a violinist, violist and a genius. They're b… Read More
A Social Issues Poem
2016-10-08 09:37
I wrote a poem a few weeks back, and I was going to leave it untouched in my folders, but then Cindy hosted a writing competition called OYEAS Competition (it's short for Open Your Eyes and… Read More
How I Went From Christian To Athiest
2016-10-08 09:36
"No Bible, no games."That was the motto of the first church I went to, the church I grew up with. It was rather fascist about its dichotomous viewpoint—meaning you either believed comp… Read More
Graduation + The Reason I Can't Ride A Bike
2016-10-08 09:36
I never had that riding-your-first-bike experience that a lot of people had. That's because instead of bicycles, I learned how to rollerblade at the age of nine.But I was always too scared t… Read More

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