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Victoria's Guide To Journalling (part 3)
2016-10-20 21:00
During the last two weeks, I've been talking about why you should journal and I've also given some (not so) helpful hints on how to actually do it. This week, I thought I'd talk about w… Read More
The Music Tag
2016-10-17 21:00
A thanks to the lovely Jessica @ Apples of Gold for the tag! (Now you all have to read about my weird music choices. *laughs evilly while lightning flashes in the background*)Let's… Read More
Victoria's Guide To Journalling (part 2)
2016-10-13 21:00
Journalling is great. (I covered that in part 1.) It's an awesome way to remember what you did last week (especially when you're someone like me who only remembers what I had for breakfast b… Read More
Australia's Weird History
2016-10-10 21:00
Australia has a little bit of a weird history, especially if you start looking into it. A while back, I started researching all this stuff and thought it'd be fun to share my… Read More
Victoria's Guide To Journalling (part 1)
2016-10-06 21:00
I'll be the first to admit (and by "admit" I mean jump up and down and scream and generally be annoying about it) that I'm an avid journaler. I write almost every night (I miss nights… Read More
Quading For The First Time In Forever
2016-10-04 02:59
Can we all just appreciate the Frozen reference, there? (Sorry, I'm still not over Frozen.)Anywho, when I was in Canada, we decided to go for a quading trip with our old neighbours… Read More
The Canadian Book Haul
2016-09-29 22:28
Full disclosure: This post is 100% me talking about the books I bought while on vacation, because I like talking about my books. Fair warning. I don't usually buy many books (gasp) beca… Read More
2016-09-26 23:04
After she steps off the plane, the Girl runs up to me and starts crying because she thought we would miss each other because of our conflicting schedules. She doesn't let go of me, and her m… Read More
Appreciate An Artist Week 2016
2016-09-22 21:00
If you weren't around about this time last year, then allow me to explain. I've recently created a week-long holiday (yes, shy and introverted me has gone ahead and created a week-long holid… Read More

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