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Catcalls Are No Compliment
2016-10-10 16:06
I will not be grateful to walk down the street unembarrassed. I will not be thankful that today I wasn't shouted at on my walk to school. I will not be told to smile but men old enough to be… Read More
You Do You
2016-10-10 15:54
Selfishly, stupidly, I never knew this was a problem. I grew up thinking I was pretty great. But then I realised some of the people I thought were great, didn't think it about themselves. I… Read More
2016-10-10 15:50
Where is the protagonist? Where is the pilot of the falcon? Oh, she wasn't included.The Force Awakens is brilliant. I didn't enjoy this film out of loyalty, but because it is genui… Read More
Waitrose Woes
2016-09-16 09:12
A man in Waitrose nearly made me cry today. Nearly.So there I was, 18 year old Sophie ready to use her Waitrose card for the first time to get a free coffee and buy some milk. Exciting stuff… Read More
Rio 2016 A Sexists Dream
2016-08-09 19:05
Finally the UK is ready to move on from the 2012 Olympics. No more Olympic values (which I can recite), we can forget Boris Johnson in a harness single handedly embarrassing the nation and w… Read More
18 And No Adult
2016-05-14 09:08
Some presents, some cards and a few text messages later it was official; I was 18.The day I turned 18 I spilt my tea and wore my t-shit to sixth form inside out. I wish I could boast that it… Read More
Hit A Low
2016-04-13 08:18
I have hit a low.I dropped a tissue covered in my tears into my tea. Yes, this is certainly a low.Before I begin I want to recognise something. I am a privileged, white, middle class, averag… Read More
2016-02-24 09:06
Who doesn't look good in a suit? Preferably red, black and skin tight; but I am rather picky.I have and will always shamelessly love superheroes. With a flashy smile, limitless ambition and… Read More
No One Knows Me Like John Hughes
2016-02-23 22:00
Why can’t life be a John Hughes movie? Well for starters, there would be a lot of drama, interesting haircuts and enough teenage angst to make your head spin. Though that doesn’t… Read More
Don't Be My Valentine
2016-02-10 09:15
Surprise, surprise, she doesn't like Valentine's Day.It's not because I'm single, at 17 I hardly see that as a problem. It's not because I hate love, I just mildly dislike it. It's because t… Read More

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