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2009-08-05 11:03
I’ve been hovering up and down the 250lb mark for the past two months. Exercise has been virtually non existent. My wife, on the other hand, has been a workout machine. She puts in a g… Read More
2009-05-31 22:19
247.2 (-0.8 lbs) Started off the week really good with a lift on Monday a run on Tuesday and another lift on Wednesday. The problem was that this was it for the week. I’ve noticed that… Read More
2009-05-24 09:48
248.0 (-0.8 lbs) I just checked out my little dashboard here and it turns out this is my 1000th post. I really should have been done with this by now. Didn’t accomplish much of anythin… Read More
2009-05-17 18:48
248.8 (-0.2 lbs) Zero exercise of any kind this week. My weight was really weird this time. For some reason I weighed 245 almost every day and even hit 244 on Thursday. On Friday I went out… Read More
2009-05-11 07:39
249.0 (+1.2 lbs) This week I lifted two days as usual. In addition I spent two days playing tennis. Even with the extra workouts I still managed to gain weight. I guess that proves that I ea… Read More
2009-05-03 19:09
247.8 (+3.0 lbs) That sucked. The streak is over. I gained 3 pounds this week. Workouts were the same as always. Two lifts and no cardio. My wife is trying hard to get me to get back to doin… Read More
2009-04-26 22:24
244.8 (-1.4 lbs) Two lifts and no cardio this week. I haven’t done a full 6 day workout week all month. Even so I lost five months along the way Read More
2009-04-19 20:01
246.2  (-1.2 lb) Workouts were still rare this week. Two lifts and zero cardio. Mondays lift involved 20 rep sets of squats. I was extremely sore until Thursday when I gritted my teeth… Read More
2009-04-12 18:20
247.4 (-2.8lbs) Workouts are still hit or miss. I lifted twice and went swimming once. It’s extremely difficult to get motivated to go to the gym. I’m at the point now where I fe… Read More
2009-04-05 18:43
250.2 (-5.4 lbs) Absolutely no workouts since I got home. I had one of my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago. Because of all the pills I had to take the dentist expressly forbid me from wor… Read More

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