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2010-10-07 05:44
My expectations weren't high on this one, since we've been buying some bad cheap movies lately - but I shouldn't have doubted Stephen King's ability to deliver!Amazon summarizes the plot wit… Read More
City Of Roses
2010-09-10 21:56
Rose, originally uploaded by Lisa Swahn.University has begun in the city of roses - Visby!I'm keeping busy and it's awesome. Summer is fading and we're catching the very last warmth of the s… Read More
2010-08-25 07:59
Dragonfly 4, originally uploaded by Lisa Swahn.Check out the awesome dragonfly photos by Allen! There's been tons of these little bugs around lately, and on one of our walks he decided if he… Read More
Brucebo Nature Reserve
2010-08-11 08:28
Fence ladder, originally uploaded by Lisa Swahn.I finally took the time to upload some more pictures from my nature sessions in June, this time from Brucebo nature reserve. See the full set… Read More
2010-07-18 07:43
I don't know how many times I've seen this movie now - it's still the funniest thing ever!Ed: Are there any zombies out there? Shaun: Don't say that! Ed: What? Shaun: That. The 'Z' word. Don… Read More
Fall Into The Sky
2010-07-17 20:39
Fall into the sky, originally uploaded by Lisa Swahn.Photo Allen took of my reflection in a puddle, from a walk in April Read More
The Summer Life
2010-07-09 18:49
Gotlandssippa, originally uploaded by Lisa Swahn.It's just too hot right now. Too hot to eat, move or blog much.So all I do is work enough to pay for orange juice, strawberries, cider and ic… Read More
2010-07-05 06:46
I had the strangest dream. I think I'm gonna write them down from now on, because they slip out of your mind so quickly, don't they?In my dream, me and Allen were alone at a place I did… Read More
2010-06-25 21:12
Been rewatching the Spiderman trilogy since yesterday, and remembering how good the first movie was. Number two and three don't quite live up to it, even if the third was an improvement.It j… Read More
2010-06-24 14:20
The graduate farce at Donner in Klintehamn the 8th of June featured alot of music. I made sure to make a few notes on my phone to not forget the epic playlist!Bad Romance - Lady GaGaCrazy Co… Read More

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