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Gotta Have Balls.
2009-08-04 22:37
You know how much I love accidental humor. This one is pure gold. Have a sensational day, my dears. And why not add some joy to your life by trying out this lovely suggestion? Read More
Hi, My Name Is Bettina And I Live Here.
2009-06-10 22:01
Yes, yes, yes. I know. I has been way to long. So shame on me. You can tar and feather me, call me names and spit on me, as long as you only do it virtually. And as long as you don't mean it… Read More
2009-04-17 08:31
Namaste, my friends. Six days in India and already, I can barely remember how Switzerland works. This place is incredible in every single way. And while it was more than overwhelming for the… Read More
Chanting Chanting Shanti Shanti
2009-04-08 20:39
I know, I know. My track record on this blog has been absolutely shocking lately. And I don't even have a great excuse, other than the usual boring one: too much else going on.Things are gre… Read More
You'll Be Tested
2009-03-07 20:09
Today, for the first time in ages, I had a lazy afternoon all to myself with nothing at all I really had to do. Absolute bliss. I've been busy with work and play and a couple of other little… Read More
That's A Bit Harsh.
2009-02-01 23:45
I think it's ok not to be a huge fan of miscellaneous food, but this is taking it a bit far in my opinion Read More
2009-01-20 23:26
Have you ever cried for a Swiss army knife? I'm guessing the answer to this will be a resounding no.I did the other day. It was on my flight from Zurich to Edinburgh. I was still working the… Read More
2009-01-14 22:23
I had the time of my life in Edinburgh. Way too much fun. So much fun in fact that at one stage during new years eve, I said to my friends: "You know what? I didn't sign up for THAT much fun… Read More
2008-12-27 19:01
Hello my dear friends. I'm just quickly dropping by to say that I'm still alive but not really quite here. Kind of a bit too busy partying at the moment, but I'm sure you understand. After a… Read More

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