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2010-01-28 03:25
I really feel like I have to explain to some people out there some things about why we can't go out like you do anymore or why we can't just up and visit without kids. (well kid) For all of… Read More
2009-12-18 03:37
This is the time of year that we all take to reflect upon how this one went and how the next will go. We learn and grow from what we've done and want to do in the next year. This is also a h… Read More
2009-12-06 01:33
Christmas, ah yes Christmas, one of my favorite holidays. It is a favorite, it's been a favorite ever since I was a little girl. It was not a favorite for just the presents but for the bel… Read More
2009-12-02 07:27
It has taken a devastating toll on many boys and men for years and years. Lord knows it's done a number within my family and my life for years now. You don't hear much about it, it's not a… Read More
2009-11-23 03:44
I set up this blog as a way for people to follow what I have to say and yet I can't bring myself to post on it everyday. It's not like I'm not spending time on the computer, it just seems l… Read More
2009-11-02 03:47
While you were off living your life and forgetting about me, I want you to know what you missed. You missed my first day of school, you missed my first report card, my first class party. Y… Read More
2009-10-13 00:08
My son says after he hears me holler "You sliced my butt with your razor!" Yeah to you all it's funny but I'm the one sitting here with a sore butt cheek that has a razor slice on it becaus… Read More
2009-10-08 22:24
Oh where to begin with my father? I can safely say that my father has given me examples over my life as to how to never treat your children, how the phone works both ways but only in my case… Read More
2009-10-08 06:43
I love my kids, I really do because they do so many things that make you want to say DUH! It's not just the kids all the time, but most of the time. I told them I was thinking of writing a… Read More
2009-10-08 02:42
A - Age: 35B - Bed size: queenC - Chore you hate: cleaning the toilet.......ickD - Dog's name: Don't have a dogE - Essential start-your-day item: Hm, morning kiss goodbye from Greg, Zak buzz… Read More

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