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2012-12-31 07:15
Can't believe it's the last day of 2012, the year really flew by. I wish I had a better memory to remember all the moments of the past year properly. Not that I've forgotten, but it's hard t… Read More
2012-09-09 20:31
Haven't been back in Kensington since elementary school? A bit ridiculous I guess, but it's quite out of the way for me. Traffic was absolutely awful today.. due to numerous festivals goi… Read More
Memory Lane
2012-09-07 05:14
so I'm cleaning out my mailboxes.. and as I see emails from 7 years ago i can't help but reminisce. It's kind of crazy because in fact most of the things I read now, I have absolutely no mem… Read More
2012-09-03 04:43
As the new season comes along, a new term is beginning. Quite a novel one at that, this time around. It will be possibly the toughest 3 months, and/or the most satisfying. Let's hope the nex… Read More
2012-02-13 20:44
never underestimate how amazing and important it is to just take a day off for yourself. It's pretty much been 1.5 years since I've had such a lovely day off without being sick.. without tra… Read More
My Dream Chair And A Half
2012-02-10 02:45
you might think I'm exaggerating my love for this one and a half chair, but I kid you not I WILL take this baby home as soon as I have enough money to trade. Or maybe someone will fall in lo… Read More

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