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2013-06-14 21:12
I always wonder where you are. What happened to you. I always go back and wish I had asked you what was wrong? With so many people on facebook, I have searched for you. But no classmate has… Read More
Back In High School
2013-02-18 05:48
I keep having dreams I am still in high school. They have never stopped. Every once in a while I will dream I am back in school. Most times I look like I look now, and in fact it is as If I… Read More
Let It Go
2012-08-23 21:51
Sometimes its time to let go....Sometimes we want to hold on to the people we love so much that we don't realize its time to let go. I am not only talking the boyfriends or girlfriends or ex… Read More
Spa At Home
2012-08-15 00:29
Want healthy smooth clear skin with smaller pores? Keep reading to find out how.For reference I have combination skin, which tends to be drier in the winter season and a little more oil… Read More
Dreamy Bokeh Effect
2012-08-02 21:02
Here is my broad tutorial on the Dreamy Boken Effect1.Select Picture of your choice. I will be working with a random picture below:(Not necessarily a pretty picture but just to see the… Read More
Color Lights Rainbow Effect
2012-08-02 20:58
1.Open up picture of your choice.2.If the picture of your choice is already in color skip the next step and go to step 43.Since this picture is in black and white change hue and lightness to… Read More
Wedding Nightmares
2012-03-17 03:32
I still had nightmares about my wedding weeks and months after it was over. Its finally fading into the past. I have finally convinced myself that theres nothing I could do now. Its over. It… Read More

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