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2011-10-30 18:05
Hello world, been silent again for a while. It seems I only have things to say during the cold and dark seasons. That's when I struggle the most. I feel I now have more grip on who I am, who… Read More
2011-04-05 10:12
Been busy with work the last few days. My back is taking a toll ^~^I've found a course in martial arts, visiting them tomorrow to get more information, and maybe signing up if possible.It's… Read More
2011-03-31 08:02
Had a friend over yesterday, watched some movies; Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga'Hoole and The third Narnia movie. I got a thing for fantasy..Though the Owl-movie hardly can classif… Read More
2011-03-30 15:22
It is GREAT to know that it helps to fight sometimes! Knowing I'm doing the right thing, and get the reward for it. Spent the afternoon in the sun, with coffe and Eliza Doolittle's last albu… Read More
2011-03-28 19:33
I've got a jobinterview at a gym tomorrow. What do I wear?? ^~^ Nice, but casual? That's probably what I'm gonna go for... Help Read More
2011-03-28 13:55
This year is about finding myself. Not entirely sure that I've ever been myself before. Doing the things I want to to. Travel (at some point..), sing, change my lifestyle for the better. I'v… Read More
2011-03-28 11:42
I use a food supplement called Fitline, three different types; Fiber, minerals and vitamins. The vitamins increase the oxygen assimilation by 10 %! That is quite alot. It fits for everybody… Read More
2011-03-27 14:08
In this life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive, and for which we are willing to sacrifice. - George Matthew Adams Read More
2011-03-27 13:47
Making Coq au vin ( a chickenstew with wine). I love making food with wine, because it tastes so much more. Not because of the alchohol, that evaporates while the stew boils on low heat for… Read More

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