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Reptiles Are On The Hit List For Spring
2011-03-23 20:41
Pic:  FGR and vanityfair.comIf one thing is certain in this world it is that the fashion people know what us ordinary consumers want. A decade after the introduction of platform flip fl… Read More
Modern Fencing
2011-03-16 22:57
 Pic:  Actors Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender for W Magazine, April 2011 issue Read More
Street Cred
2011-03-11 07:30
Ran into the lovely Yunji from Singles (South Korean fashion mag) during the New York Fashion Week a month ago. Immediately followed an impromptu photo shoot at the Lincoln Center.  Thi… Read More
The Laws Of Attraction
2011-02-28 23:09
Pic: FGR. Anna Jagodzinska, Jac Jagaciak, Magdalena Frackowiak & Kasia StrussWhat is beauty? One can argue beauty is subjective, or that beauty is a 5,000$ boob job, that it depends on n… Read More
Stella McCartney Resort
2011-02-28 21:16
Pics: The NY Times Style Magazine + The SartorialistThough it shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone, I'd put on any of these outfits. Seriously, the clothes are perfection. I love resort c… Read More
Fait Beau Chez Vous?
2011-02-28 21:13
Pics: SSujet de discussion préféré des Québécois: la température. Je ne nierai en rien mes origines et vous parlerez de la météo capri… Read More
Heading South
2011-02-28 21:13
Êtes-vous comme moi, paumée, blanche et épuisée de l'hiver, alors que toutes vos amies partent en quête de soleil et de plage dans le sud? Pic: FGRDéj… Read More

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