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Shit Happens
2015-04-25 18:39
Yesterday I could check, once more, that despite being one of the most insulted genres in cinema, romantic comedies are hard to write. I watched a Spanish film that rips so much out of When… Read More
Shotgun Yoga Love Songs
2015-04-09 18:55
There are many things one learns about oneself when in yoga. I miss dearly the strength, both physical and mental, it gave me. One of the biggest revelations that came to me during those goo… Read More
I Was A Warrior
2015-03-23 18:37
There is this picture of me in a summer camp I went to after my 6th grade. I am wearing shorts, a white promotional t-shirt from a children's books publishing house and my hair is messy and… Read More
A League Of Their Own
2015-03-18 19:32
It's been ten days since we celebrated women all around the globe, and I've been thinking about writing about them for almost two weeks. For a person whose published stories and final master… Read More
The Circus Is Back In Town
2014-03-02 16:20
I have to confess I miss Awards season in California. The WGA would always organize an event with the screenwriters that have been popular in the last year, the Egyptian Theatre would show m… Read More
2013-07-04 13:44
I was thinking about writing this post in Spanish. But then I thought of my friend Mattia, who always complains that I only write in English about feminism, and I thought I should throw him… Read More
My Best Friend
2013-04-21 22:14
I've thinking about this article for four days, since the 18th of April came and went, my first anniversary away from the West Coast, but it's clear that I don't have many things to say and… Read More
A Woman's Right To Nutella
2013-03-17 11:45
Because if Carrie Bradshaw can defend shoes, I can definitely defend Nutella.Last week we "celebrated" International Women's Day. It's actually not a day to celebrate, but to become aware of… Read More

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