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2011-02-07 15:18
Well, I have created another blog. In swedish this time.I will probably post things here as well, when I feel like it.Right now I just don't, but maybe I will later again.Well. Watch me here… Read More
Aaaaa, The Story
2011-02-06 09:12
Well, I know I'm bad. A bad blogger it is. Follow me on twitter if you'd like to see what I do. My days are quite, similar.. right now.Not very interesting to write blogposts about. But I ca… Read More
'Cause I'm A Cool Girl
2011-02-02 21:26
Brushing my teethA cool girlGoing to sleepA cool girlBrushing my teethA cool girlPlaying for the big jury tomorrow Read More
Sooo Tired
2011-02-01 21:24
Qoo, good day out! School, exercising, watch a concert. Good day good day.Now I need a long nights sleep. Such a pity I have to get up early. Kisses! Read More
Hi Superheroes!
2011-01-29 13:45
Yesterday night I went to a party. Josse's party. It was pretty cool.Moa, Snöfrid and Marlene slept here. We had an awesome long breakfast today. They left about an hour ago. Now I'm re… Read More
2011-01-24 18:47
Poor Siri is sick and home in her bed. She couldn't come her today. Poor lass. I miss her.Well. instead I'm gonna show you this pic of me as a blondie. My hair was light, it was Read More
Working. Cutie.
2011-01-23 20:42
Hiya. I'm working on an arrangement of the song "The Greatest Discovery". Moa and I are having a concert the 29th of March. And that song will be included yes.For you who don't know the song… Read More
2011-01-22 22:23
Some of my friends are out this night, partying. I'm going to bed now. So tired, I just need to rest and sleep and relax, sot that is my weekend. Nighties! Read More

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