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2016-09-12 22:05
Last week I was talking to someone about 2016, how it’s been a bad year, that I’m running on empty. It’s true it hasn’t been an easy year, particularly the last four… Read More
Bathurst & Surrounds
2016-07-09 13:12
Today was a funny ol’ day of swimming in the river, spontaneous road trips, accidental Winter Festival going. All of it was gorgeous Read More
Orange Farmers Markets: 9th July, 2016
2016-07-09 04:21
Moving back to the country has coincided with really enjoying taking photos again, so I’ve been throwing my Leica in my bag whenever I leave the house, just in case something catc… Read More
2016-05-01 12:27
So we made it to Bathurst, all five of us. It was a stressful move, but only comparatively so: No-one crashed a car! No-one ended up in hospital! The first couple of days I kinda floated aro… Read More
Orange, March 2016
2016-03-23 06:27
A few weeks ago I planned a few days in Orange at the farm, with the idea of catching up in some much needed sleep. Then we decided to move, so instead I decided to spend the time at the fa… Read More
Eating Peaches.
2016-03-15 19:22
Yesterday I resigned from my job. I moved to Sydney in March 2006 to be with my then-boyfriend. It was a horrible two-stage move, where all our stuff was in storage in Bathurst for a few mon… Read More
Out With The Old, In With The New.
2016-03-08 18:23
B and I have been discussing simplifying our home recently. Our home. As an aside, I would suggest never living in a house on an artery road. You’ll get about as much sleep as you woul… Read More
When I Wake Up, In My Makeup.
2016-02-17 10:42
I was very excited when Sephora opened an Australian store, but I’ve only shopped there a few times. It’s usually packed and humid, and doesn’t really lend itself… Read More

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