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2010-07-29 21:39
life has been crazy crazy crazy lately. and by lately i mean the past 13 or so years of my life... i dont know if i'm more lucky to be doing what i do for a living or lucky that i love this… Read More
2010-05-11 06:03
*note: i wrote this on april 26th, but didn't have time to post it before my little adventure so here it is, now. a chapter of my life will be closing very soon. no wait, i take that back… Read More
2010-03-08 08:34
When's the last time you did something good for YOU? If it takes you more than 5 seconds to think of something then you're not living right my friend. I firmly believe that everyone should… Read More
2010-03-06 19:57
I was txt-talking with a friend today and he said, "Life is fun." And that's such a simple statement, nothing deep or difficult about it but it may be the most beautiful and poetic thing i'v… Read More
2010-03-04 15:52
I'm a pretty stubborn girl. My mom says i get that from my dad and she's probably right. He and i met up for lunch today and as i get older it is more and more amusing to see what qualities… Read More
I See London, I See France
2010-03-03 05:22
BONJOUR!so this is weeks late buuuut i had 2 days between London and Paris before heading to Boracay, Philippines for a week and since i've been back i've been catching up on regular MTV wor… Read More
Delectable Delicious Ambiguity.
2010-03-03 05:19
i found this old journal entry. thought it was kinda interesting to read back through so i thought i'd post it here. i wrote it back in may 2007 a few days before graduation from loyola mar… Read More
Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart...
2010-03-03 05:13
... that has to be THE most overplayed christmas song EVERRRR. well ladies and gents, the holidays are here and there's some sort of cheer around every corner- singapore is DECKED OUT in ch… Read More
2010-03-03 02:44
Wow. Has it really been almost a year since i last posted? Shame on me. Please excuse me while i scold myself momentarily...How is it that i haven't found the time to post when there are man… Read More
2009-04-30 06:52
okay okay i know i'm over due againif this were a class i'd be earning a F--------then again if this were a class i'd be updating this everyday since*ahem* i'm quite the nerd/ goody two shoe… Read More

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