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2011-01-30 01:15
....had to be deleted real quick, please re-add....god i'm sorry for being a dingus Read More
2011-01-29 23:57
 hey all, i've been using LJ for a while as my sketchblog, but been terribly unsatisfied with it, i hate the interface, i hate checking up on people, the whole thing is just terrib… Read More
2010-09-15 00:55
i haven't drawn anything serious in weeks!!sorry for the shitty quality on some of these, i draw in blue pencil and it scans badly (IMAGINE)i drew this for Mallory it is her and her characte… Read More
2010-09-14 02:01
gotten into Avatar lately, didn't give it a chance as an otaku kid ("IT'S FAKE ANIME *SCOFF*") so it's been an enjoyable trip. finished ep 7 of Book 3 last night. good show. this is my… Read More
2010-09-05 00:43
so, talking to a friend the other night and i said: 10:44:21 PM KILLBOY POWERHEAD: jesus, ryu is rough looking 10:45:12 PM KILLBOY POWERHEAD: its like, ya, i find him attractive (beacu… Read More
2010-08-28 22:44
sticking here a few model sheets i made for my senior thesis film basically i'm doing the story i WANTED to do sophomore year but opted to simplify it instead. this time around i'm maki… Read More
2010-08-04 04:04
aw, my favorites~~~~ wanted to make a nice "summer 2010" pic, the one of Ryu was failing miserably. so.i absolutely cannot take credit for the coloring of this... it's barukins ' c… Read More
2010-07-27 04:14
just some dumb fan-art.been watching LPs of Master Quest of my pet peeves is when people draw Dark Link as Palette Swap Link. he's a shadow. not Link with Black Hair. rararararar… Read More
2010-07-11 05:12
so, my dumb old print over at the Drawgasmic show sold see the group of pieces in the middle? that empty spot is where mine was. i noticed that and checked my email, and the… Read More
2010-07-09 04:44
went out tonight to see Ran with old MW and when i got back guess what was waiting for me?!oh my god!! PACKAGE OF MYSTERIES! i wrench it open and packaged lovingly in protective ca… Read More

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