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Naturally By Bertil Nilsson
2014-11-10 21:56
Being the art/design/social media obsessed person I am, I spend a good deal of my time on the internet and come across hundreds and hundreds of photos everyday. Most of them interest me but… Read More
Tribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
2014-11-10 03:38
I have this bad habit of obsessively listening to a new song when I really like it. Let's say I'm on Pandora and come across something I really fuck with; I'll pause Pandora, go to Youtube a… Read More
Have Shades: Will Travel
2014-07-14 19:44
Ahh, the beauty of accessories. That one item that'll liven up your entire outfit, the one you know people will give you an endless amount of compliments for whenever you wear it, that you'l… Read More
2014-01-08 21:30
old episode that i came across on who wants to be a millionaire, this is just funny as fuck Read More
Michael Nguie
2013-12-28 02:57
Being a Photographer is sort of a curse. It's almost like when your brain has become so accustomed to capturing intriguing and peculiar subjects, whether you have your camera on you or not… Read More
2013-12-14 19:51
like idk i guess you're cool for lighting a blunt and wearing no pants while accepting an award?sidenote: her hair looks good and i fuck with that coat but i really still feel like she doesn… Read More
2013-12-14 18:45
just when you thought Bound 3 was the coolest thing ever (well, it kinda still is) you watch this and remember just how cool seth rogen and james franco are. lol at the accuracy tho, like ho… Read More
New Bagzz
2013-12-10 19:24
i love bright things. not really clothes but just like accessories and shit. when i paint my nails a bright color and people compliment them i'll occasionally joke around and say "thanks it… Read More

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