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2011-09-07 18:08
The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus, literally “tooth-walking sea-horse” (really)) is a massive arctic pinniped that represents the last surviving member of the Family Odobenidae.1 The… Read More
Pterodactyl (Pterosaur)
2011-04-14 07:33
“Aw yeah, look who’s Pevolving! This Pguy!” Despite what you learned in your very first dinosaur book, the Pterodactyl was not a dinosaur. Dinosaurs (at the time of this w… Read More
2011-03-30 06:22
The Triceratops (from the Greek for “three-horned face,” which makes you wonder at the foresight of someone including that word in a Greek dictionary 2,500 years ago) was a massi… Read More
2010-08-13 04:50
Recently the Animal Review was forwarded this video. There really aren’t good words for this sort of thing, other than that these sharks must have been asleep at the eating switch that… Read More
Tyrannosaurus Rex
2010-07-11 06:11
In the long, often boring, and generally disappointing history of evolution, nothing has managed to capture our imagination quite like the dinosaurs.1 The simple fact that there were once gi… Read More
2010-05-20 15:53
A web-footed, semi-aquatic rodent that can weigh up to 22 pounds, which is definitely not okay, but still nowhere near the size of the largest extant rodent, the nutria (Myocastor coypus, li… Read More
2010-05-17 05:07
If one’s passing affection for The Animal Review has anything at all to do with an interest in the natural world, then Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals by Gordon Grice may… Read More
Hammerhead Shark
2010-05-09 01:34
Hammerhead sharks include nine distinct species within Family Sphyrnidae; though these range in size from about three feet to as large as twenty, all are characterized by a flat, hammer-shap… Read More
2010-03-16 02:15
Say what you will, but jellyfish, a.k.a ‘jellies’ a.k.a. ‘true jellies’ a.k.a. ‘medusae from the phylum Cnidaria’ (trans. ‘jellyfishes’) have… Read More

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