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From 0 To A 5K Hero
2013-05-25 14:42
HIIT the road JackSome of you might have heard of the term ‘HIIT’, you’ll definitely heard about it if you ever read a blog about health or fitness (which I’m cu… Read More
When In Antwerp - Stadsfeestzaal
2013-04-07 09:44
If you ever plan a trip to Antwerp – which you should, it’s a beautiful city – make sure to pay a visit to the Stadsfeestzaal. It will not be hard to find, since it’s… Read More
10 Foods & Drinks I Can't Live Without!
2013-04-04 15:51
- Chocolate. Eventhough I prefer salty foods, I love a piece of chocolate a day. I allow myself one smalle piece of chocolate with my cup of tea or on sundays melted on my {not so - sense th… Read More
Friday Five.
2013-03-29 14:24
Because friday is always slightly diffrent than any other weekday because we see the weekend peeking around the corner... Or, in my case, a ski holiday is peeking around the corner. French A… Read More
For The Love Of Ski.
2013-03-28 07:19
Fi-na-ly! Tomorrow I'm leaving for a ski holiday. I've been counting the days these past few months. It's my favorite holiday of the year! I'd rather go skiing a whole week than doing c… Read More
Kitchen Queen Diaries: Lovely Eggplant Dish
2013-03-24 15:00
I've recently moved in with the boyfriend - exciting, I know! I feel like such a big girl nowadays - so I'm experimenting my way through the kitchen. (whether or not the boyfriend likes that… Read More
Hair Care Part 2
2013-03-19 20:50
My hair is my precious little baby. I'm one of those people who starts swearing real loud in the middle of the street when rain starts pooring down while I only expected sunshine and bright… Read More
Easy Peasy Banana Squeezy
2013-03-03 17:06
 Planning a night in with your girlfriends? Treat them to an easy peasy, homemade, all natural face mask. Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston applies it from time to time to keep her ski… Read More

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